“I’m the architect of my filter bubble; it’s the only way to be sure that the choir to whom I’m preaching is real, and reasonably intelligent.”
Today a woman I blocked on Twitter learned that not everyone she wishes to “push through…disagreements with” cares to dedicate one iota of energy to such an effort. And goodness, what followed. What seemed like an ordinary April Fool’s Day turned into a social media temper tantrum thrown by a motley crew of fools.

If only Erika Sanzi could bottle and ship those waterworks, California’s historic drought would be solved.

While Erika and her merry band of misfits in education reform continue to wring hands and wail, what is conveniently overlooked in the calls for “civil discourse” is that there’s nothing civil about what I observe in public education today. And those who are taking the brunt of the punishment look a lot like me, my son and his friends. They don’t look like Erika Sanzi or the Education Post mouthpieces, who seem to think that a “better conversation” is the path to “better education.” Because everything we’ve ever gained for Black and Brown students in education throughout history has come from civil discourse and polite disagreement. Not.
So in short, I wish Erika the best with her crusade to bring inclusive, open-minded discourse to the Internet. Too bad the Walton family, which funds her blog musings, doesn’t comport to the same principles for its Walmart employees.In the meantime, I’ll be @mdawriter. Blocking.